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Small Group Trips

Intrepid Travel: Extraordinary adventure tours in small international groups

Intrepid GuideCuriosity lies in the nature of man. Therefore we are not surprised if you would like to discover all corners of this world. The world is very, very big – with a multitude of languages, borders and cultures to learn, cross and discover. So what if instead of worrying about the logistics of your holiday, you can put all your energy into making the best experience of your life?

Of course, the definition of the best experience is different for everyone. Usually, however, the experiences you remember forever are those you have when you leave your comfort zone – when you get up at four in the morning to admire the breathtaking sunrise over Angkor Wat, when you climb a volcano in total darkness to see the sun rise over Nicaragua, or when you take a public “chicken bus” instead of an air-conditioned coach to talk to locals.

Intrepid Cycling BaliExperience trips in small groups are not only about new places, but also about new perspectives. It’s about the stories you’ll never forget and the friendships you’ll keep – long after you return home.

With an average group size of 10 people and travelers from all over the world, Intrepid’s groups are small enough to independently explore a country and mingle with locals, but large enough to fit the social component. Whether young or young at heart, everyone feels at home at Intrepid – this is shown by the high proportion of multiple repeaters. By the way, this form of travel is ideal for solo travellers: Single travellers share the accommodation with a person of the same sex, without extra charges. Alternatively, single rooms can usually also be booked for an extra charge on group trips.

Intrepid VietnamIntrepid sustainability is particularly important. The world is a fantastic place and the organiser wants to do its best to keep it that way. Eating and staying overnight in restaurants and accommodation run by locals is a must and the employment of local tour guides as well as the support of numerous social projects are also a matter of course.

In addition to Intrepid, G Adventures also offers an extremely comprehensive portfolio of unique adventure tours for international guests. On the German market, the new tour operator YOLO as well as go explore and Marco Polo are particularly aimed at young travellers. Those who want to be particularly active on holiday will find a wealth of opportunities at ATI and Hauser, among others. But you don’t have to remember these names at all: Exclusive Cruising will be happy to advise you in detail and based on its many experiences with adventure and active cruises.

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