Glückliche Paare auf der Regent Seven Seas Voyager

Travel dreams on the water

Don’t we all dream of picture book places, breathtaking landscapes, spectacular backdrops and the fulfillment of our travel dreams, no matter how extraordinary they may be? Our mission is to satisfy your desires, make your dreams come true. We want to create images and feelings that are so deep in your memory that they will live on for a long time to come. Since the variety of possible travel routes and means of transport is almost as innumerable as the waves of the ocean, we would like to present you here only a small selection of unique ship and air journeys. Let us inspire you and at the same time support you in making your travel dreams come true.

Our name says it all: Exclusive Cruising offers you the complete range of a holiday on the water. No matter whether you are interested in a cruise through the Mediterranean or to the island pearls of the South Seas – the vastness of the seas and rivers are almost limitless. With us you find luxury cruises with international flair, ships under German flag, cruises on board elegant sailing ships as well as adventure journeys on board of expedition and freight ships. Welcome on board!

Travel dreams over the clouds

As passionate “aeronauts ” your travel dreams above the clouds are particularly close to our hearts. We will be happy to advise you on unique air cruises, tailor-made private jet trips and unique services on regular aircraft schedules. When will you take off with us?

Travel dreams over land

Even if our heart beats especially for unique ship and air travel, our offer is not limited to that for a long time. Exclusive Cruising also provides you with competent advice on other individual trips, such as train trips, study trips or active trips.

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